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Repair your zip files and have them as their first days


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For sure tat you ave ever used compressed files and you know the .zip format. Compressed files are the best and fastest way to share files, and among the compressed files, .zip ones are maybe the most used.

But sometimes, those zip files become corrupt and can’t be used any more... or yes, if you use Zip Repair tool, you’ll be able to use them again as if they had never been corrupt.

The only thing you have to do is to select the file is corrupt and Zip Repair tool will do the rest. It analyzes the file and repairs it. No matter if the file is 44 Kbs or 1 Gb, Zip repair tool will mend it.

From now on, corrupt zip files will not be a problem for you thanks to Zip Repair Tool.

30-day trial period

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